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  • Do IISReset after disabling Kernel-mode authentication

    When you disable the kernel-mode authentication option in IIS 7, make sure you will do an IISReset. Recycling the app pool is not enough. I was doing some debugging/testing with a WCF service using basicHttpBinding with a TransportCredentialOnly security mode and delegation scenario's. At some point...
    Posted to Michel Barneveld's Blog by Michel Barneveld on 05-09-2012
    Filed under: Kerberos, IIS, Wcf
  • Kernel-mode authentication performance benefits

    2 Weeks ago I wrote a post about kernel-mode authentication and SharePoint 2010 . One of my questions was: What is the performance benefit of using kernel-mode authentication? I did some testing last week and now I had time to analyze the results and create some graphs out of those results. The test...
    Posted to Michel Barneveld's Blog by Michel Barneveld on 12-02-2009
    Filed under: Kerberos, Windows, IIS
  • SharePoint 2010 and Kernel-mode Authentication

    Note: This was written when the beta of SharePoint 2010 came out. It's now known that this configuration is not supported by Microsoft! I was wondering what authentication settings SharePoint 2010 will use when creating a new Web Application. Because Windows Server 2008 introduced Kernel-mode Authentication...
    Posted to Michel Barneveld's Blog by Michel Barneveld on 11-16-2009
    Filed under: 2010, SharePoint, Kerberos, Security, Windows, IIS
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